Danielle Wilson

Enter the Tiny Travelers Universe!

Tiny Travelers is a group project I worked on to create a charming game board where players journey to get the tiny travelers, Kit, Lulu, and Bo, back to their home planet!

The aim of Tiny Travelers is for the players to make it back to their home planet, the purple planet, as they face challenges along the way. The first player to the center wins!

Style Inspiration

For this project my team and I drew inspiration from the lovely pastel color palettes of animated shows including Steven Universe and Bee and Puppycat. We wanted to create a light hearted and charming game that would be suitable for all ages!

My team and I worked together to create a clear and simple set of rules for our game. I designed each of the star, shooting star, and meteor icons to indicate a spot where a player remains in place, has to head back a few steps, or gets to move farther in their adventure. The planet icon prompts the use of cards created to give the players some fun challenges!

Meet the Tiny Travelers!

Kit the cat is the leader of the crew! With her quick thinking and reflexes she is up for any challenge. Due to her intelligence she has a 30 second advantage with knowledge based challenge cards!

Lulu the duck is Kit’s right hand pal! They never cease to impress with their creative ideas. Due to their innovative personality they have a 30 second advantage with creativity based challenge cards!

Bo the bear is up for any adventure! He loves to run, jump, climb, and play. Due to his energetic personality he has a 30 second advantage with action based challenge cards!

Card Design Back

I designed the cards based on the swirl pattern and color scheme of the planets.

Card Design Front

Together with my team we created challenges in three categories: knowledge, creativity, and action. The characters’ faces appear on the cards where they have an advantage to a challenge

Oh no, the raccoon bandit stole your turn! The raccoon card indicates the player must skip a turn.

To create the final game board I designed a swirling universe to guide the players through the game. Complete with the challenge cards and the travelers, players are ready for an adventure through space!