Danielle Wilson

Growing the Garden

Sprout Pals is a cute and fun vegetable garden toy for kids made to encourage both play and education!

From rolling hills and a vegetable garden bed, to a garden picnic basket, I explored a variety of designs for the home of these adorable vegetable garden characters. I took off with the picnic basket idea as it provided a cute space for the vegetables to rest as well as a play space for kids to interact with the toy!

Initial Ideation

2D Exploration

Exploded Drawing

In Context Drawing

Characters and their Stories

Each vegetable in Sprout Pals is accompanied by a story in order to help kids identify with the characters and provide them with another way to interact with the toy. The color scheme reflects that of the vegetables themselves and both the natural and more playful colors reflected in the Sprout Pals toy. I wanted to capture the gesture of plush characters and create simple, rhyming stories that would be great for kids to enjoy!

Final Model

The Sprout Pals toy is designed with vegetable friends and room to collect more, a book shelf base for all the vegetable stories, and a reversible picnic/grass blanket ready for endless hours of play!