Danielle Wilson

Estelle Jacket and Dress

These two garments were designed and sewn by me to be no waste, each made from one complete piece of fabric. The jacket and dress work together in perfect harmony, complementary in color and design, yet still serve as a statement when on their own.

Et tu, Brute?

This cuff is designed based off of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and was displayed in Pratt Institute’s Library Adorned show for NYC Jewelry Week in October 2021. I approached this piece with a theatrical and dramatic design. I made the pierced cuff with brass and the sword out of nickel. The figure representing Caesar is embroidered with red glass beads around the pierced heart and glass beads hang from the cuff and sword to imitate drops of blood.

Revolve Ring

Revolve Ring is a bold cocktail ring, with two set stones representing the Earth and the Sun. This ring is constructed so that the Earth stone can revolve around the Sun stone.

Bloom Bags Store Concept Illustration

Bloom Bags is a handbag and accessory store concept that I came up with, aiming to design a youthful and energetic yet mature brand. This is a part of a personal project where I am exploring exhibit design, and this concept illustration is going to be the base for a scale model of the Bloom Bags store.

Nicole Renee Handbag

Inspired by my sister’s elegant and timeless style, I created this handbag for her birthday, and screen printed her first and middle name on the inside of the bag in gold for a subtle element of personality.