Danielle Wilson

Designing for Friendship

Throughout my life I have felt grounded through my friendships as well as my relationship with my family. Connection Collection is a series of tabletop products intended to honor lasting relationships as well as work to cultivate new meaning from those friendships as we adapt to our ever changing lives and learn to grow through both close proximity and distance.

Collection Contents

This tableware set is complete with six radial bowls, six napkins,

a tablecloth, and a set of 36 connection cards.

Slipcasting the Bowls

The bowl was modeled on Fusion 360 and 3D printed in order to make a one part plaster mold. The bowls were then cast in earthen ware clay and painted with a clear glaze.

Sewing the Tablecloth

I designed the tablecloth on illustrator and had the design printed on linen. I hemed the tablecloth on a Consew sewing machine.

Extending the Exhibition

Since my project is centered around friendship and lasting connection, I wanted to provide a way for people viewing my project at the design school’s senior exhibition, Pratt Shows, with a way to connect with their own friends and loved ones. I designed 4 postcards inspired by the style and theme of my project that people were able to write on and send out, or take home

At the show, I found people were excited to have something joyful to send out to family and friends, as well as to take home for themselves. Over 30 people wrote postcards to be sent out, and even more took them home! I even ran out of postcards very quickly, well before the week long show was halfway over.